Librairie en ligne : The Gendlin Online Library

Auteur : Eugene GENDLIN
Thème : Focusing
Année de publication : 2007
Editeur : The Focusing Institute of New-York
Langue : Anglais

La librairie en ligne du Focusing Institute.
Artlices et publications disponibles en ligne avec le lien suivant :


The Focusing Institute invites you to visit the newly-opened Gendlin Online Library, an extensive collection of works by Eugene Gendlin, seminal American philosopher and psychologist. The works cover a period from 1950 to the present and include a number that are unpublished; the Library will be updated as new articles are written. The Library provides quick and free access so anyone can learn about the Philosophy of the Implicit, Thinking at the Edge, Focusing, and Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy The articles in it link to a world wide network of applications and practices stemming from the philosophy, available at www.focusing.org. You can click on the following link and stroll through the library: http://www.focusing.org/gendlin/

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